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Texas Campgrounds Spotlight: Cost of Ownership

This Texas Campgrounds Spotlight is sponsored by Astra. Combining the power of Astra and the reach of ReserveAmerica.com, Astra is a leading provider of RV Park and Campground management software providing your park exclusive access to the 13 million outdoor recreation enthusiasts engaging on ReserveAmerica.com. Getting the Best Price for Your Software“How much does itContinue reading “Texas Campgrounds Spotlight: Cost of Ownership”

Updated health and safety rules in light of relaxed government orders

Last week, Governor Abbott issued Executive Order GA-34, effective March 10, 2021, that lifts all occupancy/ capacity limits and lifts all mask requirements including mask requirements imposed by local governments, except in counties with high hospitalizations. The Governor’s order still “strongly encourages” mask wearing, as does CDC protocol, but the Governor’s order supersedes/voids all mandatoryContinue reading “Updated health and safety rules in light of relaxed government orders”

IRS moves tax deadline back to June 15 for Texans and their businesses in wake of winter storm

The Internal Revenue Service has moved the tax-filing and payment deadline for individuals and businesses in Texas to June 15 because of damage across the state caused by the severe winter storms. Texans in all of the state’s 254 counties will automatically be given the extra two months to file and pay their individual andContinue reading “IRS moves tax deadline back to June 15 for Texans and their businesses in wake of winter storm”

Texas Campgrounds Weather and Legislative Update – February 18th

By now, most have made it through full electrical outages and rolling outages from unprecedented weather Texas has seen the last few days. We pray that you and your family are safe and sound. After we all return to normal, hopefully there will be some legislation lessening the effects of storms or summer outages. YouContinue reading “Texas Campgrounds Weather and Legislative Update – February 18th”

Extreme Winter Weather Tips and Strategies for Campgrounds

As you are aware, areas across Texas are experiencing extremely cold temperatures and winter weather conditions, with more to come. Frigid temperatures are expected to last into next week. In order to provide you helpful guidance for safeguarding your parks from the bitterly cold conditions, below are some tips and strategies you can employ immediatelyContinue reading “Extreme Winter Weather Tips and Strategies for Campgrounds”

Congress Passes Additional COVID Relief Bill

We are pleased to report that Congress has officially passed into law its latest form of COVID-19 relief legislation, the Coronavirus Response And Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (the “Act”). This $900 billon relief bill represents months of negotiation by Congressional leaders, with its impacts sure to be felt nationwide almost immediately. Of the many itemsContinue reading “Congress Passes Additional COVID Relief Bill”

Propane Meter Update

Many campgrounds have on-site propane available for their guests but the rules for such a thing in Texas are seemingly always changing. Below is a quick update on the latest. There could be two state agencies licensing the same propane meter in your park. Depending on what you fill will determine which license(s) you need.MOBILEContinue reading “Propane Meter Update”


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